Norm's Hand Car Wash & Custom Detail

Shine On, North Shore!

Why Norm's?

If you’re looking for a better car wash & detailing experience, here are some of the reasons why Norm's is the best car wash in the Chicago area.

In brief, what sets us apart from most others…

The car wash:

  • Rubber tipped sprayers set at the appropriate PSI level
  • Use of premium micro fiber wash mitts and micro fiber drying towels
  • We use a premium Auto Wash Shampoo with lubricating oils & conditioners.
  • Our shampoos contain no soap or detergents. Alkaline cleaners, like soaps and detergents, can remove protective coatings and waxes and, consequently, dull the finish of your automobile!
  • Our wash buckets have built-in Grit Guards that reduce the potential of rubbing grit & dirt back on your cars finish
  • Use of rubber tipped air guns to remove water from all exterior crevasses.
  • 24 hour rain or snow guarantee: Come back within 24 hours of your visit for a free exterior wash.
    (Receipt required for free wash; time of purchase on the receipt must be from within the last 24 hours.)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of your vehicle wash (inside & out) come back, tell us what we missed and we’ll provide you a free wash…no questions asked. We want to be your ongoing source for car washing and detailing!
  • Pristine waiting room
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Large flat screen TV where the remote is always available for your viewing preference
  • Free WiFi and customer computer
  • Wide variety of current magazines
  • Drop off & shop or eat at plenty of “walk to” establishments
  • Outdoor practice putting green (coming soon)
  • Customer friendly staff absolutely committed to making sure your car receives a superior wash to any other wash available. They understand that the customer comes first!

Want to know more about what we use to provide the absolute best care for your car? Want to better understand our services?

Check out more in-depth information about our car wash products and Detailing Services by clicking the links below: